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How to Win More Money Playing Poker Online

     Playing poker online is a great opportunity for you to rake in a lot of cash if you are playing the right way. If you are making the same mistakes time and time again, then you are simply giving away your cash and any opportunity to really score big. The best way to turn around your fortunes is to start by eliminating the following mistakes from your game. 

Start by eliminating these online poker playing mistakes from your game today: 

1. Never flash your hole cards while playing. It doesn't matter if you want to show what you folded or you think you pulled off the bluff of the day, stop it right now. You are giving your opponents too much free information that they can use to hurt you in the end. 

2. Just because the poker room you are playing at has an online chat feature at the table, don't write anything. Watch as players post comments about their hands and their bad luck, and use that information to punish them , but don't add your two cents. 

3. If you are playing with scared money, log off the poker site and go pay whatever bills you can. If you have that cloud hanging over your heard that you must win, you will make too many costly mistakes and just dig yourself a deeper hole in the end. 

4. Learn to eliminate all those distractions that are taking away your focus and leaving you broke each day. Log off social media, turn off the television, and hang up the phone, call your friends back after you are done winning a ton of cash. 

So there you have it, some of the most common mistakes players make at the poker tables. Avoid these and watch how your luck changes.

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